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Digital Literacy (B18)

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  1. 🔴 Digital Literacy (Live Class) 10:00am
  2. Welcome
    1 Topic
  3. Recordings
    14 Topics
  4. WEEK 1

    General Computer Basics
    1 Topic
  5. General Computer Basics (Cont'd)
    3 Topics
  6. Operating System (OS)
    4 Topics
  7. WEEK 2
    Operating System (Cont'd)
    3 Topics
  8. Microsoft Word
    4 Topics
  9. Microsoft Word (Cont'd)
    3 Topics
  10. WEEK 3
    Microsoft Excel
    3 Topics
  11. Microsoft Excel (Cont'd)
    2 Topics
  12. Microsoft Excel (Cont'd)
    2 Topics
  13. WEEK 4
    Microsoft Powerpoint
    3 Topics
  14. Microsoft PowerPoint (Cont'd)
    2 Topics
  15. Internet & Social Media Basic (ISMB)
    4 Topics
  16. QUIZ
    Continuous Assessment Test- Digital Literacy
    1 Quiz
  17. Continuous Assessment Test - Digital Literacy 2
    1 Quiz
  18. Digital Literacy Final Examination
Module 19, Topic 1
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