HiiT Online Training

Why teach at HOT?

You will earn a competitive income as a part-time Instructor at Africa’s No. 1 Online Instructor-led Training Brand! You will be provided with a great platform to showcase your practical knowledge and skills. Furthermore, you can conduct your training from the comfort of your home or any suitable location (Terms and Conditions apply).

Who can be an Instructor at HiiT Online Training (HOT)

Anyone that can demonstrate an in-depth knowledge and skills of any domain and is deeply passionate about teaching and sharing his/her expert knowledge with students can teach at HOT. Other pre-requisites such as good oral communication skills, amongst others, at our discretion are essential.

Our Recruitment Protocol

You need to fill this form. If you are selected, you may be required to go through training based on HOT Learning Methodology (HLM). You will also get the opportunity to co-create the content with us to make learning optimal for our students.

HOT Instructor Application Form

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