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HiiT Terms and Conditions for HSIWES+ Online Internship

1. Introduction

     1.1     These Terms and Conditions apply to all SIWES Interns who opt for our HSIWES+ Online (Hybrid) Internship and it contains all the terms and conditions governing HSIWES+ Online (Hybrid) Internship in HiiT Plc, in addition to the ones contained in your University’s/ ITF’s guidelines.


2. Mode of Participation

     2.1    Mode of participation in your Area of Specialization and day-to-day work experience by Interns is Online.

     2.2     Interns are required to physically visit chosen HiiT Centre for important and relevant functions or activities during their internship. Therefore, your mode of participation is Hybrid.


3. Registration

     3.1  Application for HSIWES+ is via https://www.hiitplc.com/siwes

     3.2    Interns are expected to upload their SIWES Introduction & Acceptance Form and download SIWES Acceptance Letter or the Acceptance Form from the portal to merit placement for HSIWES+ at HiiT PLC.


4. HSIWES+ Content

In addition to choosing Courses for your Area of Specialization which you will be scheduled to attend virtually via HiiT Online Training (www.hiit.ng), participation in the underlisted HSIWES+ modules and activities are mandatory.

     4.1 Emotional Intelligence Capacity Building Webinars

     4.2 Entrepreneurship Capacity Building Webinars

     4.3 Digital Marketing Course virtually via www.hiit.ng

     4.4 Industry Trending Technologies Webinars (Quarterly).


5. Visitation to HiiT Centre

Interns are required to visit their chosen HiiT Centre as may be exigent for:

     5.1 Log Book Administration

     5.2 Supervisor’s Inspection

     5.3 Completion and submission of ITF Form 8.


6. Code of Conduct & Ethics

     6.1 Corporate decorum is expected of all on the virtual Campus HSIWES+ Interns’ Social Media space. The following are not acceptable and will be sanctioned:

  • Disrespect, rudeness, and insubordination.
  • Threatening behavior to others.
  • Swearing or use of inappropriate language.
  • Falsification of records, documents, or reports.
  • Posting of in decent or inappropriate contents.

     6.2 Participants are expected to make appropriate and responsible use of all company’s resources at their disposal.


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