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Course Overview

Python is a powerful general-purpose programming language. It is used in web development, data science, creating software prototypes, and so on. Fortunately for beginners, Python has simple easy-to-use syntax. This makes Python an excellent language to learn to program for beginners. In this course, we start by teaching students the basics of Python, then moves on to teach students how to develop Web applications using the Django framework. This course covers the basics of creating basic applications using the MVC (model-view-controller) design pattern, as well as more advanced topics such as administration, session management and authentication.


Participants must have a working knowledge of HTML & CSS.

Who Should Attend?

This course can be taken by individuals that want to build a career in software development

Course Curriculum

Live Class
🔴 Python Programming (Live Class) 10:00am 03:00:00
Student's Google Drive
Student’s Drive 00:00:00
Introduction to Python
1.1 Introduction to Python Programming 00:06:00
1.2 Programming Concepts 00:04:00
1.3- Python Installation & Setup 00:04:00
1.4 Launching Jupyter Notebook 00:04:00
1.5 Running Commands within Python Command shell 00:08:00
Recording: Python Programming Lecture video 14 July, 2020 02:00:00
Displaying Texts
2.1 Data Types 00:07:00
2.2 Float 00:07:00
2.3 None Scalar Value 00:07:00
2.4 Bool Value 00:06:00
2.5 Bool Function 00:05:00
2.6 Strings 00:09:00
2.7- Newlines in Python Strings 00:07:00
Recording: Python Programming Lecture video 9 July, 2020 (Morning) 01:30:00
Recording: Python Programming Lecture Video 9 July, 2020 (Afternoon) 01:00:00
String Variables
Recording: Python Programming Lecture video 21 July, 2020 03:00:00
Storing Variables
Recording: Python Programming Lecture video 23 July, 2020 03:00:00
Storing Numbers
Recording: Python Programming Lecture video 28 July, 2020 03:00:00
Working with Dates and Time
Recording: Python Programming Lecture video 4 August, 2020 03:00:00
Making Decisions with Codes
Recording: Python Programming Lecture video 6 August, 2020 03:00:00
Complex Decisions with codes
Recording: Python Programming Lecture video 13 August, 2020 (Part 1) 01:30:00
Recording: Python Programming Lecture video 13 August, 2020 (Part 2) 01:30:00
Recording: Python Programming Lecture video 20 August, 2020 (Part 1) 01:30:00
Recording: Python Programming Lecture video 20 August, 2020 (Part 2) 01:30:00
Repeating Events
Lists, Tuple, Dictionary
Saving information in Files
Reading from Files
Handling Errors
Object Relational Mappers (ORMs)
Django Templates
Django Forms
Working with Database
Django Views
Django Admin Customization
User Authentication
Python Programming (Final Exams)
Python (Final Examination) 01:30:00

Course Objectives

After the completion of the Python Programming Course, you will be able to do the following: Develop full-stack web sites based on content stored in an RDMS Use python data types appropriately Define data models Understand the architecture of a Django-based web site Create Django templates for easy-to-modify views Map views to URLs Take advantage of the built-in Admin interface Provide HTML form processing

Training Features

Instructor-led Live Sessions Real-life Case Studies Assignments Lifetime Access 24 x 7 Expert Support Certification



What are the system requirements for this course? Operating System: Windows 8 or Higher, Mac OS. Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or Higher. Memory: 4GB RAM  recommended. Screen resolution: 1280 x 1024 or larger. Application window size: 1024 x 680 or larger. What if I miss a class? You will never miss a lecture at HiiT Online Training! You can choose either of the two options:

  • View the recorded session of the class available in your LMS.
  • You can attend the missed session in any other live batch.

Can I attend a demo session before enrollment? We always keep limited number of participants in a live session to maintain the Quality Standards. But, unfortunately participation in a live class without enrolment is not possible. Who are the Instructors? Our Instructors are in-house professionals at least 5 years of relevant experience in various domains. They are subject matter experts and are trained to provide a great learning experience.

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